Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hello to the World and Welcome to my Blog: The Enthusiast

My name is Alex Wilmot and my background with cars was written in stone back in 1994 (i was 4 at the time) at my Fathers first ever motor race in a Lotus 7 replica. Since then I have always had cars around me, having a garage of my Father's customers cars lined up waiting to be unleashed on the weekends at Zwartkops, Kyalami, Midvaal, just to name a few, Growing up as a kid seeing all these races going on and the mechanical work my Father put in has made me an Enthusiast, I'm not too much a hands on build my engine guy but i understand most things about cars. This Blog is a story of cars that i feel should be announced to the world through Events coverage, Car reviews, Stories, Photos and whatever else I feel should be posted. A dear friend of mine will also have some of his articles posted here as he is as enthusiastic as I am, so we'll see some posts from him aswell as stories from around the world from others that have caught my attention.
So here we are, awaiting to get started.
See you soon with a story

Alex Wilmot

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