Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Ish

Ok so there are a few new cars and versions/updates of others that have just been announced or released, can never really tell unless you see a brochure or pictures of the car on the street but here goes:

First off, just an updated R8 V10 main differences are better figures and a new gearbox but heard from the grape vine that a completely new R8 is already in the works.

Spanish company Aspid have a new car called the GT-21 Invictus, looks like a concept to me but apparently it does exist, powerplant is a BMW V8 and weighing shy of a ton, so should be really quick.

Out of Croatia comes the Rimac Concept_One, Looks like a jaguar concept car to me, with a long bonnet looking like its hiding a V12 it actually has four electric motors, one for each wheel making combined power of all four to 1600nm of torque and around 1000 bhp, madness to see this thing soon.

And then Pagani keep telling us the Zonda is finished but they then went and let this Pagani Zonda R Evoluzione out at GoodWood, which just looks like it now has a fin like some LeMan prototype.

That's all I've seen for now more posts in the near future perhaps.

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